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Renters Insurance - Get Quotes on Renters Insurance in Lawrenceville, Atlanta, and Northeast Georgia.


Do you rent an apartment or house in Georgia? If so, do you have renters insurance to protect you from damage and theft? If you are not covered by renters insurance, you need to look into the benefits of taking out a policy. For just a few dollars each month, you can have security and peace of mind. Danny Knight Agency regularly helps people throughout Georgia find reasonable rates on renters insurance.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Renters insurance covers a number of different things, including damage caused by hail, fire, water, and theft. In addition to property damage, it can cover damage or loss to personal items. Coverage often extends to personal items stored in your vehicle. Many renters insurance plans will also pay for additional living expenses so you can rest easily knowing your coverage will help pay if your home is rendered temporarily or permanently unlivable after a fire or disaster. Whether it’s personal property, liability, or additional living expenses, carrying renters insurance is a smart choice for every tenant.

Why Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?

Still not convinced you need renters insurance? Check out the following reasons for some additional support:

  • Unexpected Expenses. While your landlord may have insurance on his property, it usually won’t protect you from accidents while you are the tenant. Renters insurance can safeguard you from unforeseen accidents and expenses you can’t afford to pay on your own. It’s possible your renters insurance can protect you from damage involving a nearby apartment, if it was caused by you.
  • Temporary Residence. Renters insurance will cover any expenses related to the need for a temporary residence, due to an accident. This could be a major out-of-pocket expense if not properly covered.
  • Property Protection. Renters insurance covers the personal property inside your apartment or home. What would you do if a fire completely destroyed your personal belongings? Having renter’s insurance means you don’t have to worry.

The amount of coverage required usually depends on the value of your personal belongings and the area in which you live. One of our qualified team members at Danny Knight Agency can assist in calculating the price of your inventory and prepare an accurate estimate.

About Danny Knight Agency

At Danny Knight Agency, we understand the complex insurance landscape and are more than prepared to help answer any questions you may have. We’ve been in the insurance business for many years and understand our customers like no one else. When it comes to protecting your most important assets, let us guide you along the way. We will compare rates and plans side by side for an accurate, up-to-date understanding of what the market has to offer.

Contact us today to find out more about renters insurance. For a free quote from multiple carriers, simply provide us a few pieces of basic information. We will send results within minutes and will thoroughly discuss your options. If you are looking for a valuable consultative agent who considers your interests above everything else, choose Danny Knight Agency!