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Home Insurance - Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Lawrenceville and Atlanta


The Georgia home insurance market is anything but steady. Insurance rates and coverage requirements are constantly changing, and it can be hard to stay up-to-date on the latest rules. For those seeking home insurance, ever-constant fluctuations can seem overwhelming at times. At the Danny Knight Agency, we understand the home insurance market and are fully capable of addressing all your questions and concerns.

Types of Georgia Home Insurance

The Danny Knight Agency offers several types of Georgia home insurance policies:

  • HO3. This is the typical, comprehensive insurance plan for single-family homes. While damage from unusual, rare perils such as earthquakes and floods are not generally covered, HO3 is referred to as “all risk” coverage.
  • HO4. This policy is for tenants and renters. It usually covers personal property, personal injury, and property damage.
  • HO6. This policy covers condominium owners for things like personal property, floors, walls, and ceilings.

With a variety of home insurance plans available, it is important to work with an agent that understands the complexities and details of each. Home premiums for Georgia residents have increased in recent years due to an uptick in hail-related claims and damage from windstorms. Don’t be fooled by those that claim all plans and rates are created equal.

What to Know About Homeowners Insurance

When shopping for home insurance plans, there are certain things everyone should know. If you don’t have answers to the following questions, you are not prepared to make an educated purchase:

  • How much coverage do I need? The answer to this question depends on the property you own and your current financial situation, but we can determine a responsible figure.
  • What will my deductible be? Know what your deductible will be before choosing a policy. This will be the required payment from you each time you file a claim.
  • Is this the best rate? Once you’ve determined the amount and type of coverage you need, compare all rates on the market.
  • What does the fine print say? Just like any agreement, your Georgia home insurance policy will have some fine print. We will walk you through all the details of the new plan to ensure you fully understand all coverage.

In Georgia, lenders require homeowners to have insurance coverage to protect the collateral securing the loan. To rest easy knowing your policy fulfills state requirements and provides full protection; find the liability coverage that’s right for your specific situation.

About the Danny Knight Agency

When you’re shopping for Georgia home insurance coverage, you want experience and expertise. At the Danny Knight Agency, we offer both. We know the landscape and can help address all your concerns. Whether it’s a basic question about types of coverage, or a complex question about market rates, we have you covered. We insure homes in all Georgia counties and offer free home insurance quotes. When you choose the Danny Knight Agency, you’ll receive a detailed inventory of your property and its replacement costs.

For a free home insurance quote, fill out our short online form. For additional information, contact us today! We would love to be your source for Georgia home insurance.