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Church Insurance - Get Church Insurance Quotes in Lawrenceville and Atlanta


Did you know there is dedicated insurance for places of worship? Make sure yours is covered by church insurance, or risk losing it due to damage caused by fire, weather, accident, vandalism, or personal liability.

At the Danny Knight Agency, we work closely with GuideOne Insurance, a well-respected company that has been in the business since 1962 and is one of the leading houses of worship insurance companies in the country. The company currently insures more than 50,000 churches, retirement communities, and schools around the country and takes each policy seriously – no matter the size.

Church Insurance Coverage

While every plan varies, there are a number of categories each standard church insurance policy covers. These usually include things like building coverage for the main worship building and auxiliary structures, general liability for bodily and personal injury, and personal property coverage. Additional coverage is available, including workers compensation, pastor liability, umbrella coverage, and directors and officers liability. Some may ask: why do you really need church insurance? Let’s take a look:

  • Unpredictable Weather. If you’ve been in Georgia long enough, you know weather often changes. It can be hot and muggy one day and cold and rainy the next. When natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and tornados approach, are you prepared? Without proper coverage, your church is at risk.
  • Vandalism. Unfortunately, people vandalize public property frequently, and a church that isn’t prepared to repair the damage could face significant financial challenges. Georgia church insurance can cover these expenses so your church can maintain its image and safety.
  • Financial Burdens. If required to cover all building repairs with the church tithe, this could create a deep financial hole. Church insurance can cover these compounding expenses and ease the financial concerns of your congregation.

Customized Church Insurance Coverage

Let us work with you to develop a customized insurance plan that fits the specific needs of your religious organization. Whether you are strictly looking for property insurance or need liability insurance too, we can help you make a smart decision. No two churches are the same, so stop paying for things you don’t need and missing out on things you do. We will work alongside you to understand the way your organization functions and suggest and a plan and rate that makes sense.

About the Danny Knight Agency

If you are looking for an experienced independent agent, you’ve found the right place. The Danny Knight Agency represents a number of highly respected insurance companies and is adequately prepared to find the best rates and plans available in Georgia. We know the landscape and can help answer all your pressing questions no matter how basic or complex they may seem. When it comes to protecting churches, you deserve one-on-one attention and focus.

If you are interested in getting a free insurance quote, fill out some basic information and we’ll get back to you in a matter of minutes. Contact us today - we would love to help you find an affordable plan for your house of worship!