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Georgia Auto Insurance: A Must for Stress-Free Driving

Sat, 06/15/2013 - 21:07 -- Danny

There is no doubt to the fact that buying a vehicle requires a huge investment. Your spending starts from acquiring a car. It goes on all through the years you own it through upkeeping. For this reason, an average driver may feel that Georgia auto insurance is an added expense.

You may even be of the understanding that all the proclaimed benefits are just advertising tricks of the insurance companies.  But, be warned, it is a safety requirement mandated by the law of the land. You may be able to avoid a comprehensive policy because of the spending involved in it. But, you must have the liability coverage to protect you in the instance of your vehicle getting into an accident causing injury to the passers-by. If you are found driving without the required insurance coverage you are sure to be fined heavily. When combined with the extra expense you have to bear in relation to a liability lawsuit, you are in for a financial disaster within no time. And, the trouble becomes even greater for teenage drivers. They are considered to be the group which pays highest premium for auto insurance in Georgia.

Laws regulating auto insurance for teens in Georgia

The rules and regulations which regulate auto insurance differ from state to state. If you are a parent trying to acquire auto insurance for your teenage son or daughter, take care to ensure that the following conditions are met.
1.    Acquire formal training in driving:
The state requires that teenage drivers should get formal training in driving. This can be attained from private institutions or from the schools of which you are a student of. All public schools in the State impart driving lessons as part of their syllabus. Know that this training is offered only to those who are above fifteen years of age. Its successful completion would give you a document certifying your performance. Submit the same to the DMV and to your insurance company when applying for the driver’s license. 
2.    A learner’s and provisional license:
Teenagers are generally awarded two types of driving license; learner’s license and a provisional one. The former allows you to stay free from paying premiums since you would be covered under your parent’s insurance. Upon receiving the provisional driver license, you would be allowed to be the second driver of your parent’s car. You can be the primary driver if your parent has more than one more vehicle. Know that your performance on the road would be observed and marked as points on the license. If reckless driving makes you lose all the points, your license as well as the insurance coverage would be cancelled.
How to minimize your auto insurance premium?
The best way to acquire affordable Georgia auto insurance is to negotiate with your service provider. If you are a teenage driver, you may be eligible for discounts if the training is taken from an accredited driving school. Some even offer great rates for those who acquire high grades in the training.
Getting Georgia auto insurance is a must-have for you to be out on the road. Acquiring great deals require you to do your due diligence. The good news with that is at Danny Knight insurance we can get quotes from different providers who will fit your needs the best.