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Church Insurance in Georgia: Financial Safety for the Congregation

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 15:40 -- Danny

Surveys show that most of the churches in the US are uninsured. Numerous factors are believed to be responsible for this situation. While some are ignorant of the existence of church insurance policies, others feel that their church being small in size would protect them from possible risks. Religious organizations also feel that being located in a rural area would eliminate the possibility of unexpected expenses. But, the fact is just the opposite.  The economy of the nation is going through tough times. The prices of goods always remain on the rise. If you do not have a church insurance coverage, you are in for trouble when disaster strikes unexpectedly. If these facts appear less convincing, analysing the following possibilities would be of great help in this direction.

Why do you need a church insurance?

Following are just a few of the facts which stress the importance of having church insurance in Georgia.

1.    Unpredictable weather:
The global warming along with other changes in our atmosphere has made the weather of the nation quite unpredictable. It implies that you have to be prepared to face the natural calamities like hurricanes, floods or thunderstorms at a time when you least expect them. Whatever is the danger, it is sure to cause damage to the roof of the church or even lead to an outbreak of fire. The absence of the required coverage of church insurance in Georgia would create a situation where the expense exceeds all your calculations.
2.    It helps you in the instances of your church being vandalized:
Ours is a society which claims to be standing at the highest peak of civilization. But, the unfortunate fact is that vandalism has become one among the most threatening face of the ugly side of our society. People vandalize public property just to see the consequences. And, your church is not safe from this threat even if it is situated in a rural area. The right kind of church insurance policy ensures that whatever is the damage, it never becomes a burden to its treasury.
3.    Make better use of the tithe from the congregation:
The expenditure involved in repairing all the damages which may happen to your church from time to time is sure to be a financial burden for it. And, making use of the tithe you receive from the congregation for the purpose is unwise. If it is spent for the right kind of church insurance coverage, the contributions from believers can be used for better purposes.

How to get a great deal?

If you wish to get this much needed protection for your church, you should make sure that the selection is done with the utmost care. Consulting with us would be of great advantage in the matter.
Do not forget to discuss the available price options with your choice church insurance provider. 
Know that acquiring the required insurance coverage for your church is a formal business transaction. And, treating it as any form of charity done for the congregation would have its consequences.
Do your homework well and opt for the right kind of church insurance in Georgia. Enjoy freedom from financial disasters.